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Metal Magicians Welding & Fabrication - Jacksonville, FL

  • Metal Magicians Welding & Fabrication offers a standard and custom line of residential, commercial, and industrial aluminum railing. Our aluminum railing is built to the highest quality standard, strength, and durability. Our custom welded railing is engineered to meet or exceed commercial static loads, stringent building codes and offer long-term solutions for all of your residential and commercial railing projects. 

ADA Compliant Wheelchair Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum Walkways

  • Metal Magicians Welding & Fabrication's aluminum walkways provide a long life cycle modular aluminum component.   

Aluminum Ramps & Stairs

  • Aluminum is virtually maintenance free and non-corrosive. Metal Magician's aluminum ramps and stairs provide a safe and low maintenance accessibility solution.  

   ADA Compliant Wheelchair Aluminum Ramps.   


Where Modern Design Meets Metal

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Metal Magicians Welding & Fabrication

Metal Magicians Welding & Fabrication

  • We pride ourselves on maintaining a commitment to ethical business practice within the welding industry. Having high ethical standards is not an option, it's how we conduct business.       

  • Free Estimates 
  • In-House Financing 
  • Highest Quality Metal Fabrication 
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured 
  • 20 Plus Welding Experience 
  • Certified Expert Welder/Fabricators 
  • American Welding Society Affiliate Welding Company 



  • Metal Magicians Welding & Fabrication Structural steel support, rehab and erecting for new building construction and renovations; Columns, I-Beams, Support Beams, Columns, Support Posts, Channel, Steel Bar Joist, Pipe, Tube Steel, LVL's, Steel Plates, Commercial Handrails, Stairs, Rails, Picket Rails, Ramps, Gates, Fences, HVAC Drop Vents, Duct Vents, Rooftop Units, Roof Curbs, RTUs and Hatches.  


  • Metal Magicians Welding & Fabrication Specializes in structural steel support for commercial Roof-Top Units (RTU) that maintain joist/beam strength and angle-iron roof structural integrity. Our professional staff of certified metal fabricators provide structural steel support and welding reinforcement compatibility between the rooftop unit, steel bar joist, roof curb and roof openings.



  • Structural steel support, rehab and erecting
  • Structural Iron and Steel construction 
  • Iron and Steel structural support
  • Metal rehab, and Sheet Metal construction  
  • I-Beam, Support Beam, Channel, Steel Bar Joist 
  • HVAC , Rooftop Units, Roof Curbs, RTUs 
  • Commercial Handrails, Stairs, Balconies, Rails 


Metal Magicians Welding & Fabrication - Jacksonville, FL

  • HVAC Structural Steel Support; Drop Vents, Duct Vents, Rooftop Units, Roof Curbs, RTUs and Hatches. 
  • Commercial and residential welding and fabrication of all metals (Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel)
  • Aluminum Fabrication 
  • Fence and Gate Repair 
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Stair Rails, Picket Rails, and Handrails
  • Commercial Hand Rails and Ramps 
  • Metalwork Repair of Gates, Fences, and Handrails 
  • Mobile Welding repair of Fences, Gates, Handrails, Picket Rails and Balconies
  • Structural Iron Construction
  • Structural Steel Support, and Erecting 
  • Steel Fabrication and Erecting
  • Metal Rehab, HVAC Sheet Metal Construction, Structural Steel Support, and Erecting
  • I-Beam, Support Beam, Channel, Structural Support, and Erecting 
  • Mobile Welding  (24 Hour Service Calls)
  • Certified in Mig Welding, Tig Welding, Stick Welding, Plasma and Torch Cutting
  • Miscellaneous welding repairs
  • Marine welding and fabrication 
  • Interior and exterior home decor Welding and Fabrication